Monday, January 31, 2005

A case of the cunting Mondays

"I logged in to check on things on Saturday and…"

Hold on a moment. Why were you checking in on the weekend? You are off on Saturdays. You've got kids and a wife, have you no respect for them? Don't complain to me about your job when you won't take the weekend off. Maybe you're telling me this so I'll be impressed with your commitment, but you're wrong, its pathetic.

Look, here's the concept; these guys pay you too little to do too much work and if they were allowed they'd cut back the weekend to one day so that they could increase their already obscene profit margins without a single thought for you. You owe them NOTHING, just hang it up on a Friday and take a bloody break you prick.

1 Mewling Pricks

At 1:29 am, Anonymous Cuntmaster 3000 ejaculated...

You know what I hate. Cunts. Nasty Cunts. That and cunnilingus. I'm so tired when I come home and I my girlfriend wants cunnilingus. I mean seriously, I'm not a machine. What is her problem? God, that bitch, I mean, cunt.


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