Monday, January 24, 2005

White Lines

Do people have nothing better to do, than go all out to try and look "cool" on the fucking tube?

1. "hey everyone, look at me! i've got white earphones on and you know what that means.....what, you dont? oh ok, let me get it out and play with it, so everyone on the the carriage knows that i have a twat-pod!" Is it about the music or is it about the player? Now, i dont agree with people getting mugged, but....

2. the latest in book to be seen reading on the tube is...some "bill bryson book", famous past culprits Harry Potter (come on grown-ups, there are far better books out there to read..oh sorry, is it "cool" to read it? apologies), white teeth, brick lane, lord of the rings (to coincide with the films) and more recently, The da vinci code (boy, i am so tempted to tell some twat the ending and just walk off!). i dont hate on readers, but can you really call an adult reading harry potter a 'serious' reader...dicks.

3. Im sitting on a train home and all i want to do is chill and read the paper. I have to be disturbed by some biatch, who talks deliberately loudly so everyone on the carriage knows that HER baby was on the "Baby left, baby right" competition on TFI Friday back in the day. Who cares woman, go home and look after that baby, instead of mouthing off some facts about how you used to work with Chris Evans...Does that make you slightly better than those who weren't as fortunate enough to have worked with the ginger alkie? No.