Wednesday, February 02, 2005

fashion hell

I just took my daily stroll around my offices (to break up the mundane-ness of the day and my office) and noticed something I've noticed nearly everywhere I go...women like to dress a like. Now in 10 offices, i noticed 7 different coloured pashminas hanging off the chairs and 2 women with pashminas wrapped around them.

Call me a fashion guru, but i thought pashminas were 2 years ago...i think those at my offices have been stuck in here too long and have replaced their subscriptions to "Heat" magazine with "I'll wear what the girl in the next office is wearing".

Recently, the fairer sex suddenly appear to all have gone to Mexico and brought back with them, Clint Eastwood-style ponchos...oh no wait, once again it's another fashion trend. It seems as if once a trend starts, every woman in this city will cling on to it for a few months until some celebrity decides to start somehing new. Dont get me wrong, men are guilty of such non-individualistic acts, dont let me see another twat wear a "thailand" style t-shirt, underneath a blazer with jeans...i spit on them.

It's just women commit them on such a frequent basis. Let's go through a brif history with examples:
summers '01 - '04: flip-flops, now women with nice pedicured feet..nice. older women with nasty, flaky feet...not nice.
winter: women wearing fuck-me boots with a denim skirt.
Pashminas, ponchos, women tucking their jeans/trousers into their boots, von dutch trucker hats...the list goes on!

Now to balance this rant out i'll give u an example of how little runts, like the ones mentioned in the previous blog, commit the same crime. About 2 years ago, my love of hip-hop made me buy a baggy hip-hop track suit one and a half years down the line, I see these scally shits walkin around with similar trackies. Now everywhere I go, I have to grit my teeth as i see more and more twats with IDENTICAL track suits (to this day, i havent seen anyone with the same as mine, not even in NYC), i find out that they are all fakes from the market and cost a third of what i paid for them. This pisses me off, cos it has basically made this item of clothing do i wear it without looking like one of these vermin?

The reasons for buying the clothing in the first place was my love of hip-hop, not because everyone else is wearing one, so i have to fit in..little shits. They come and make a mockery of my music and the culture that i live by, without having a clue about what they're doing. it's fucking like these people who wear basketball tops, for fashion reasons...
"oh, so you like this team do you?"
"er, no..but the top is cool"

STOP fuckin the things i live by just so u can look cool!!!!