Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brand Synergy, Department Style

Once upon a time, a handful of trolls, baiters, cynics and all-round cheeky fuckers decided to consolidate their formidable talents for irritation under the "Rube Watch" banner, setting as their noble goal the exposition of "the threat of rubery worldwide".

In practice, this mainly entailed being absurdly mean and petty about complete strangers, bloated egos, whey-faced teenagers and, occasionally, inanimate objects. Of course, all of this required copious usage of the words "rube" and "cunt" and, needless to say, I fucking loved it.

I am delighted, therefore, to announce that I have succeeded in convincing the stout defenders of the unrube to return from the wilderness. My esteemed guest bloggers are at this moment scouring the scummiest corners of the interweb for the grimmest specimens, and rube watching will begin in earnest shortly. In the mean time, why not check the riotous frenzy of bile and busted links (the spring-cleaning of which will be an ongoing task) known as the Rube Watch archives? I have incorporated the infamous Hall of Rubes into the sidebar on your right hand side for your browsing pleasure.

Yeah alright, so it's old shit, but fuck it: it beats working.