Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Snotty McCross-Court-Shot

So, I was playing squash yesterday and was doing really well, as well as a McShot can do in sporty ventures (my Uncle Tag McShot once shot his own eyebrows off shootin at ducks near the Hackney Downs in London and was arrested and spent five years in jail for owning an unlicensed weapon and animal cruelty and was called Whoopi the whole time he was being buggered) until I ran for this one ball that was running along the side wall, a lovely shot from the other side I must say, but lunged and caught it beautifully, WHACK, and smashed that ball back down the court, thumping off the front wall low and back crosswise to the far rear corner, my opponent hadn’t a chance. Thing is, I followed through and caught myself on my left elbow just in between the two knuckley bits with my aluminium/some kind of light weight metal fucking squash stick. Even the nail on my little finger hurt, a burning sensation ran through my whole arm. My vision blurred. I didn’t make a noise, just kind of made a face as if my upper lip was being hoovered into my nose and hoped I wouldn’t pass out or vomit. Or that my opponent would notice, because she was pretty hot.

Just sayin

I hate that

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At 9:54 pm, Blogger jonny-no-stars ejaculated...

I hope you didn't let her win and played strip squash


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