Friday, April 22, 2005

People of Earth. Wake up.

The whole Pope saga has brought out the Catholic in my co-workers. The Irish have this peculiar interpretation that allows them to absolve the church of blame for its worldwide mega-sins. It’s payback for all the forgiveness that goes on over here. One guy says he got a general absolution from a priest years back no questions asked. He reckons that the church issues "guidelines" rather than dictats and that he can dip into the rules when necessary to discipline his children, but when it doesn't suit he'll sin anyway and ask for forgiveness later. "Hey, nobody's perfect," he says. He criticises the Africans for getting all fucked up with AIDS because they are following the rules too literally, that it’s a lack of common sense on their part. Another thinks that the world would descend into chaos if it weren't for organised religion. It's so bizarre to hear intelligent people talking like this. Our belief in gods is our weakness and limits our evolution as humans. It is a relic of our primitive consciousness when the finality of death seemed illogical and terrifying. Why can't we just grow up?

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At 3:21 pm, Blogger Sylow_P ejaculated...

"Its so bizarre to hear intelligent people talking like this."

You sure they're intelligent? I'm pretty sure 98% of all global chaos is caused by organized religion. You'd have to be daft not to see it.

At 3:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous ejaculated...

What are you, a nihilist?

Vee cut off your johnson Lebowski.

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Snotty McShot ejaculated...

Sylow, thank you for your very interesting statistical nugget. Normally I prefer it when people quote sources for their info, but I understand that it is difficult to create a hyperlink to your ass.

Anonymous, you are correct: a person who chooses not to hitch their wagon to ancient mythology must be one o' them there nihilists. You are very clever. Now fuck off.

(On the other hand, if you were just looking for an excuse to jimmy a Big L quote in somewhere, please disregard the above sarcasm. And then fuck off.)

At 7:19 pm, Blogger Sylow_P ejaculated...

You're right Snotty. 98% actually refers the amount of media time spent on chaos caused by organized religion. I could link to any variety of sites peddling such numbers, but they're usually full of shit too, so I'm sure you would see right through them. I'll try to be more general from now on.

I'm still concerned by your insinuation that intelligent people talk stupid. You seem to be conflicted in your hate, which is inconsistant with the persona you have created.

At 10:10 am, Blogger Snotty McShot ejaculated...

Aw, I got you all concerned did I? Now I feel terrible. What if you imagine I used the phrase "otherwise intelligent"? Would that help you sleep tonight?

I hadn't realised that being intelligent meant "incapable of saying stupid bullshit", but if this is so, then I am concerned because I've clearly never met an intelligent peron in my life. Everybody I know says stupid bullshit from time to time. Stuff like "98% of all global chaos is caused by organized religion", to pick a random example.

From one dumb-ass bastard to another then: maybe you could direct me to the part of my blog where I declared my intention not to be "conflicted" in my hate, so I can clear up any confusion and avoid being "inconsistant".

Because I sure can't fucking find where I said it. You haven't been digging in yer anus for fabricated factoids again, have you Sylow?

At 9:58 pm, Blogger jonny-no-stars ejaculated...



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