Sunday, November 27, 2005

Your Weekly Briefing from the Language Commissars

Following our recent spirited back'n'forth, the Grand High Wizard David Duke, uh sorry, Duff, has made good on his promise and this evening presents his learned thesis on the problem of racism (or, more specifically, the problem of being repeatedly labelled a racist). G'wan have a looksee, and tell me if you think the UK craposphere's greatest ego clarifies where he stands on the issue.

Compare and contrast:

"I have been taken to task for admitting my habit of using slang expressions for other peoples, such as, 'Mick', 'Paddy', Taffy', 'Paki', 'Yankie', 'Jock', 'Froggie' and so on."


"I don't call my Jewish accountant a 'Yid', not just because he's a friend but because I actually like and admire the Jewish people as a group."

Yes, that about seals it for me.

UPDATE: Larry over at Tampon Teabag duffs up Duff some more.

3 Mewling Pricks

At 12:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous ejaculated...

No doubt you misunderstood that comment, Snotty. Just wait...

At 2:07 pm, Blogger Snotty McShot ejaculated...

Yeah, no doubt. Bou know what us Trot-Lot are like.

By way of pre-emptive defence, may I say that it wasn't my idea to misinterpret the double-Dee's post: I was merely ordered to do so by my communist overlords.

At 3:30 pm, Blogger Snotty McShot ejaculated...

Speaking of the Trot-Lot, why don't all you filthy pinkos take a moment to participate in bogol's new stupid poll?


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