Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Northern Exposure

----Original Message-----
From: Transport for London
Sent: 16 February 2005 12:19
To: Me
Subject: Weekend closures on the Northern Line

Dear Snotty,

I am aware that your recent Northern line experience has been affected by slower trains and signal failures. We are working with our engineering partners to improve your journey and make it faster and more reliable. To speed up these improvements we will need to close the Bank branch of the line southbound between Camden Town and Kennington on the weekends of 19/20, 26/27 February and 5/6 March.

All Bank branch stations will have northbound services, except Old Street, which will be closed on these weekends so we can move heavy equipment in and out of the station. The ticket office will still be open for ticket purchase. Moorgate station is a 15 minute walk from Old Street and it may be easier to start or end your journey there.

Valid Underground tickets will be accepted on bus routes to and from Old Street. A leaflet detailing alternative travel information will be available in all Northern line stations. Click here for more details.

Yours faithfully,

David Millard
General Manager Northern Line

My reply with type-os left in. I was typing in a blur of hatred. And I can't spell "renowned" anyway.

Mr Millard,

The Northern Line is a disgrace and it has been getting progressively worse. I'm disgusted I have to pay over £80 each month to use it. Unfortunately I have no choice, like so many others. So, yeah, close the Bank branch for a few weekends. Who cares. It really won't make any difference seeing as it's so rubbish anyway it's practically at a stand-still. Most of us "customers" are pretty exhausted at complaining and we're all well aware that you are totaly incapable of getting it running.

It is renouned as the joke of the london underground. "I have to get the Northern Line" you say to friends. "Hate to be you" they reply and laugh their way home.

Well done, and enjoy your bonuses.

Snotty McShot

p.s. Why is it that we are only referred to as passengers when a train is delayed due to "passenger action"? Actually, don't answer that. I don't care.