Monday, February 07, 2005

U Matter… Because U deserve the best

The caterer at my place of work has its employees sport the above slogan on the back of their shirts. Just answer me this, if I deserve the best and if I matter, why do they serve me substandard, adulterated foods at a profit? These people are scum, but they are only the last line of scum in a chain reaching all the way up.

I pick up a single serving Bran Flakes and in a moment of ill advised curiosity I look at the ingredients. The second and third in the list are both sugars. Bran Flakes are 20% sugar. These corporations are out there replacing the stuff our bodies need with cheap alternatives with no concern for the long term effects. For 50,000 years our diet was relatively unchanged but in the last 50, we've moved to processed factory foods making up almost our whole intake. They are killing us and they know it.

There are hormones in our beef, beef proteins in our chicken, there are pesticides on our fruit and vegetables, bread is no longer made from water, yeast and flour but dozens of ingredients including fats and sugars, we are provided with ready meals that are little but sugar, salt and fat, bulking agents are used to thicken yoghurt to disguise the lack of fruit in them, machines test new food products for "mouth feel" but no-one checks that they are good for you. All this and we say nothing, we just take it. We are being messed with from the inside out.

Maybe I'm angry because I'm poisoned.