Thursday, February 17, 2005

Spread of evil

Motherfucker, if you're standing in a packed train carriage and you have a cough, cover that shit up. In fact, if the train isnt packed, cover your fucking mouth. I dont like having to hold my breath for the whole journey, trying not not inhale the fucking dirty bacteria and viruses that infests in your stanky mouth, that you have kindly coughed into my direction bitch.


Or better yet, cough till you fucking die, at least there's a reason for you to cough. Not for some shitty reason like an itchy throat!

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At 1:27 am, Anonymous OCD Lysander ejaculated...

People are so unsanitary in public. You know, I always bring my own hand sanitizer and napkins with me everywhere I go. That way, I can nicely disinfect anything that might have nasty germies on them. Oh germs are so scary. They might make me sick too. Then, I'd have to stay home and cry my little head out. Because I'd be so sick with the cholera. You know what I'm really afraid of? Plague. It's going to make a comeback. I know it. Either that or AIDS, one of the two.


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