Friday, March 04, 2005

Excuse Me. No Smoking Please.

Heading home on the bus from the city centre last night, staring at the reflections in the front windows of the vacuous faces behind me. I see a huge fat guy who has clearly had too much to drink flop into a seat a few rows back on the opposite side. He's directly behind an African immigrant who's talking on a mobile phone. Well, he's clearly in an altered state, but I am surprised when he pulls out a cigarette lighter and proceeds to ignite the little elastics which operate the African's hood. I am staring wide eyed, unable to believe it. I mean, I hate those little pointless elastics too with their fiddly little buttons, but not enough to burn them off a stranger's jacket.

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At 10:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous ejaculated...

Fucking cunt


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