Friday, January 27, 2006

Overheard, between 5th and 3rd

SUIT 1: What really annoys me is when I get in to work at 8 or five past 8, and others wander in late throughout the morning and sit in my office and just whine. And when I'm still here at 7 and beyond, they've all wandered home hours earlier. It really fucking pisses me off.

SUIT 2: Who does this?

SUIT 1: Oh, not you, Ewan, you've never done it.

SUIT 2: But who? Who's been whining?

SUIT 1: Oh you know ... corporate oiks.

SUIT 2: Well, I suppose they see you as some sort of... receptacle for...

SUIT 1: ...for crap.

Me too, Shitsack, me too.

3 Mewling Pricks

At 8:44 pm, Anonymous David Duff ejaculated...

Knowing how sensitive you are, I hesitate to write this and only do so in the most gentle of language, but on the whole, weighing it all up and taking it in the round, I think, by and large, I would much prefer to employ 'Suit 1' who appears to promise 'a fair day's work for a fair day's pay' than an idle, cheating, skiving lay-about like you.

Er, nothing personal, you understand!

At 12:03 pm, Blogger Snotty McShot ejaculated...

And what?

At 8:28 pm, Anonymous Trey ejaculated...

Suit 1 is a sycophantic scumbag, and typifies the empty soulselling corporate whores who make going to work such a chore. The only good these freaks serve is to remind the rest of us to value our lives, opinions and self respect.


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